Pi Kickstart

Pi Development Pragmatic innovation

Development is multifaceted and comprehensive. We often hear this statement from our customers. We, at Pi Development, understand you and your needs. We want to transform your issue into a powerful plan of action.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following issues?

  • For ages you've been playing with an idea/innovation, but you can't take action because of too many questions without concrete answers. Are you done thinking and do you want action?!
  • There is no capacity to free up R&D for an innovation project. From idea to product (innovation) requires a lot of energy and time, right?!
  • The competition is always one step ahead of you. In fact, you only need one thing: to win back time! Is there such a thing as a time capsule?!

We help you to take the necessary action!

Therefore, our slogan: Stop doubting and start doing! The expertise of our people is not only in product development, but also in converting your issue into a solid start-up plan. To get a clear and insightful overview of your product possibilities, we offer Pi-Kickstart. In exactly one week we provide you with the following valuable insights:

  • Is your idea feasible/scalable?
  • What is needed to make your idea a success?
  • What is the timeline for bringing your idea to the market?
  • A good indication of the required investment.
  • A first rough model of your idea.
  • A beautiful/stylish sketch of your idea.
  • A closing presentation with an answer to the question: What’s next?

Would you like to receive more information about our Pi-Kickstart? Feel free to send us a message:  info@pidevelopment.nl

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