Care stands for care for people who need care. Pi-CARE stands for a team with passion, for creative product innovation. Legislation and regulations are an important interpretation for product safety, in addition to the pull from the market and the push from available technologies.


Our Pi-CARE team has long been involved in the developments and product improvements of the medical care industry. We are therefore convinced that with our attitude and broad knowledge of development processes, we can offer surprising solutions in a wide range of healthcare, baby and children products.

Only with the (right) combination of pragmatic product solutions, conceived from the perspective of the user (young and old), we do create the successful product to make a difference. To do this, we have creative, compliance and technical knowledge to translate the customer's wish into a cool, functional and safe product.

We have an open and transparent culture at Pi Development. That's how we approach the complex world of regulated care products with the simplicity of a Dutch bicycle!