Pi Development

We invent and develop high-end and innovative products in the field of mobility, sustainability and (health)care.

Innovation starts with the right strategy

Before starting an innovation project, we map your wishes & requirements. Then, with a thorough analysis, we look at the feasibility/scalability of the desired innovation. Once we have mapped these factors with our client, we can start development towards the final product. With a solid, tailor-made description, you know exactly what you can expect from us at any given time. Transparency and a pragmatic view is what you will experience with us!



  • How do I develop a sustainable/circular product?

    The topics of sustainability and circularity are not only very popular at the moment, but are also a obligation for a company to respond to. We will always include sustainability and circularity in the development process as a consideration for cost/benefit.

    The one doesn't have to exclude the other, is our motto at Pi Development. We take a good, clear and honest look at what is feasible regarding your wishes in terms of Market pull & technology push.

  • How do I know if my idea is profitable?

    Profitability of a product idea is of course extremely important. This can be tested with a feasibility study. The outcome of the feasibility study offers your insights into the investments and profitability. Through a Pi-Kickstart feasibility study, you not only know the feasibility and profitability, but also the timeline gets cleared within one week.

  • How do I know if my product idea is feasible?

    With a feasibility study, we immediately map out whether your product idea is feasible. Feasibility does not only mean that can be produced, but also that it is profitable and that the time is right. Pi Development has the right expertise to answer these questions both technically and in terms of design.

  • How do I start product development?

    Product development is something you start together, never alone. By properly mapping out the issue and making a solid plan of approach, you can start your product developmentconfidently. An expertised specialist will be present at the start of the process who knows exactly where to identify the challenges and the opportunities.

    At Pi Development we have specialists in the mobility, energy and care sectors. In the project team, they provide a good vision for your product idea.

  • How to apply a development process of a product?

    A product development process is always Taylor made. This customisation means that for each product idea we look at what the wishes/product requirements are for the ultimate goal; the successful production of the product idea. The steps and phases that your product idea needs to go through are always tested beforehand in an extensive kick-off session.

    Following the introduction session, Pi Development puts together a project team that identifies all the wishes/ product requirements and comes up with a concept proposal. If there are more questions than answers about the product idea, we advise starting with a Pi-Kickstart


  • What does a prototype cost?

    The costs of a prototype varies due to the choice of materials required for the design and the technical design accuracy. A prototype investment is difficult to calculate in advance, but we strive for 100% transparency at the start of the project. Communication about the expectations regarding the associated costs of a prototype is an absolute must to us!

    The knowledge to produce and implement a prototype is a profession in itself. At Pi Development, we have several project managers who know the ins and outs of this business. See also our Pi Team page for these talented project leaders.

  • What does product development cost?

    Product development is a very versatile and wide-ranging concept. Research has shown that a good product developer measures the costs of product development already in the preliminary phase with the formula 'feasibility x scalability'. The costs/benefits are then clear and insightful in advance so that a solid payback model is quickly apparent to the product development department.

    At Pi Development we work with a transparent overview with good guidance.

  • What is a morphological chart (MC) and how do we use it in product development?

    A morphologic chart provides a very visual overview of all thinkable possibilities there are to solve a design problem.

    We commonly use it early in development to qualitatively select the best solutions.

    To build a good MC we consider 2 aspects:

    1. Modules definition: ensemble of independent sub-problems defining the rows of the chart.
    2. Solutions per module: should be interchangeable within the row

    Once all sub-solutions are defined and rated, we combine them into a couple of global concepts, paying attention to compatibility of the sub-solutions.

    Good MC use gives the product developer confidence in later stages that all possibilities were considered, and also offers reliable backup-solutions.

  • Which product innovator has experience with: cycling/mobility?

    To boost your product idea in the bicycle/mobility sector, you need a specialised product innovator who dares to challenge you to the best result. The latest developments, trends and technologies of the mobility sector must be captured in a separate pillar of the desired product innovator.

    At Pi Development, there are three pillars in which we dare to recognise specialisation. Mobility is our core pillar and we provide a great source of knowledge in the mobility sector.

  • Who can develop my product idea?

    A designer develops a product idea when it comes to design. For technical questions, a (mechanical) engineer will develop a product idea into a concept. When the first step in developing the product idea is taken, we put together a team that will guide the product idea to where you want it to be.

    Are you curious about our Pi-Team? Take a look at our team page. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

  • Who can validate my product idea?

    Examining a product idea does not have to be complicated. Thorough market research is the first step in examining a product idea and its proposition. After that, a technical analysis is important to give a definitive answer to the question. By means of a Pi-Kickstart at Pi Development you will have an answer to the question: 'Is my product idea feasible?

  • Who is the best product developer in the Netherlands?

    The best product developer in the Netherlands is characterised by versatility, a pragmatic working approach, transparent communication and specialised expertise. The best product developer works on these core values every day in product development.

    Because Pi Development uses clear pillars with accurate professional knowledge in the mobility, energy and care sectors, companies working in these sectors are very well served by Pi Development.


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